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Athletic Programs

Athletes of all ages are always interested in getting to the next level.  Endless amounts of effort is poured into their craft on their respective field, court, or ice.  So much focus goes into the craft, that the food and nutrition become secondary.  Fact: nutrition affects performance.  Every athlete's body is different; as is the solution that works for every athlete.  Within our customized offerings we focus on your career ambitions and work towards fueling the body efficiently to get you to your peak performance.


High School Athletes

  • Focus on fueling the body “smart”

  • What to eat before/after school

  • What to eat before/after games and practices

College Athletes

  • Eating healthy on a budget

  • Creating customized shopping lists

  • Batch cooking for the week 

  • Recovery

Professional Athletes

  • Customized meal plans based off nutrition needs

  • All-inclusive food offerings

  • Off-season (gain, lose, maintain weight?)

All-inclusive Offerings

  • Menu planning

  • Upscale grocery shopping

  • Meal prep

  • Reheating instructions

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