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The 7 'must-have' kitchen tools you didn't know you needed

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

Holiday shopping is a time to give gifts to others. But let's be honest, once you see some of these kitchen tools, just go ahead and get them for yourself.

1. Breville Pressure Cooker -- $249.95 (Williams Sonoma)

I didn't know I needed a pressure cooker until I bought this one!

Everywhere you look, someone is bragging about their new Instapot and how wonderful it is. I've used both of these model's and the Breville seems so much more intuitive to me. It has 3 really nice toggle wheels for the Select function, Temp function , and the Time function. It also has a really nice blue backlit menu to easily select your option from. The Breville brand has put out some other great kitchen products so they have that going for them as well. I know it's hard to beat the Instapot's price at about 1/4 of the Breville's, but if you're looking to add a level of sleekness to your kitchen, this beaut is much more appealing to the eye.

Breville Pressure Cooker -- $249.95

2. Microplane Zester Grater -- $12.99 (Amazon)

Citrus? Check. Garlic? Check. Ginger? Check. Tennis Shoe? Che.... Not quite, but this Microplane Zester Grater is the perfect tool when you need an added boost of flavor to your dish. Amazon offers a ton of different colors for the product so you'll be able to match your other kitchen tools. Watch out for the nubs of your fingers though. 😫 If you already have a Microplane or plan on buying one, tuck away this article from Serious Eats on how to best clean your Microplane.

Microplane Grater Zester -- $12.99

3. Emile Henry Pizza Stone -- $49.95 (Williams Sonoma)

Grill in the Summer. Oven in the Winter. Perfect crispy crust either way!

Another impulse purchase that turned out to be a staple in the kitchen. This pizza stone not only is super hearty, but it is also a nice presentation piece. Safe to use this with heat up to 750 degrees. Make sure if you're gifting this big dog to your father-in-law, to use a few extra pieces of tape on the bottom of your box to keep it from exploding on the driveway on your way up the house. **Bonus item that would be a nice complementary gift is this Pizza Peel.

Emile Henry Pizza Stone -- $49.95

4. Fox Run Tortilla Press, Cast Iron, 7.25" diameter -- $26.99 (Amazon)

Ever want to have a Mexican themed night, but crave the authentic feel? I love this cast iron tortilla press! At a little over 7" in diameter, it will make about a 5-6" tortilla (the perfect size). You can do either corn or flour with this press, and all you need to do is roll out your masa or flour mix into a ball, press the ball to flatten, and then heat on skillet. You can easily knock out about 1-2 per minute depending on the size of your skillet.

Fox Run Tortilla Press, Cast Iron, 7.25" diameter -- $26.99

5. Prepara Foldable Cell Phone Stand -- $12.99 (Amazon)

Easily view recipes while cooking without having to pick up and set down your phone.

Before I was gifted this stand a few years ago, I would always be picking up my phone and setting it down while reading through my recipes. Not only was it a pain, but it wasn't at all sanitary! After I would finish a dish, there was a good chance my screen had some oil, some sauce, and a variety of smudges on it. Once I got this stand, I could leave my phone in one spot during my cooking session without having touch the screen. This stand also has a really nice tilt feature to adjust to the angle you're looking down from. Highly recommend this, especially at this price!

Prepara Foldable Cell Phone Stand -- $12.99

6. Kitchenaid Y Vegetable Peel -- $8.12 (Amazon)

So I know giving a vegetable peeler as a gift might get you sent back out to your car for the evening in punishment for bringing a lame gift, but I promise this is the best! OK, so maybe it's better as a stocking stuffer type present. I've had this vegetable peeler for 5+ years and it still is cutting through all those tough-skinned veggies like squash and sweet potatoes with no problem. This comes in the colors red, aqua sky, and storm gray.

Kitchenaid Y Vegetable Peel -- $8.12

7. Paprika App -- Price Varies depending on device used (Paprika App)

I saved this one for last because it by far my favorite kitchen tool! I travel most days to client's homes and being able to bring my recipes with me on my phone in one location has been a lifesaver. Not only does this store my recipes, but it also has a shopping list builder as well as a calendar to build daily menus. This app seamlessly loads in recipes from across the web and formats them automatically. At some point I need to do a full write-up on the app, but for now do yourself a favor and buy the app for your favorite device.

Paprika App -- Price Varies depending on device used

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